Premium Ale Malt (Pale Ale) - Coopers

Premium Ale Malt (Pale Ale) - Coopers


Perfect for Pale Ales, Coopers Premium Ale Malt is well modified and perfectly suited for single step infusion or for decoction mashing. Kilned longer, this malt adds a golden color with a more pronounced flavour than the Pale malt. Cooper Premium Ale Malt carries sufficient enzymatic power to be used as a base malt with non-enzymatic specialty malts.

Malster: Coopers Brewery Malting.
Barley: Roseworthy, SA


  • All barely is sourced from Australian farms and is malted by Cooper’s Brewery Malting.
  • 100% traceability - from barley field through all stages of the malting process.
  • Produced using the latest technologies and process controls to ensure high quality, consistently malted barley
  • • 2.8mm screen used ensuring only the plumpest grains make it into our final product.
  • GMO FREE guaranteed
  • Strict internationally accepted requirements HACCP (Hazard Analyses of Critical Control Points) currently in force.
  • Conformance to Australian regulations regarding the maximum allowable residues of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides as well as traces of nitrosamines.



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